Sentence Examples with the word Bougie

Of Bougie is Aumale (2350), a town and military post established by the French in 1846 on the site of the ancient Auzia.

The occupation of Bougie by General Camille Alphonse Trezel in October 1833 gave theFrench a footing at another point of this eastern province.

After fully three months' imprisonment they were released on the demand of the dey of Algiers, and again set sail for Marseilles on the 28th of November, but when within sight of their port they were driven back by a northerly wind to Bougie on the coast of Africa.

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They attempted in 512 to take Bougie from the Spaniards, but were beaten off, and Arouj lost an arm, shattered by an arquebus shot.

In 1514 they took Jijelli from the Genoese, and after a second beating at Bougie in 1515 were called in by the natives of Cherchel and Algiers to aid them against the Spaniards.

Besides Algiers and Oran the principal seaports are Bona (36,004), Mostaganem (19,528), Philippeville (16,539), Bougie (10,419), Cherchel (4733) and La Calle (2774).

Between 1302 and 1305 he wrote treatises at Genoa, lectured at Paris, visited Lyons in the vain hope of enlisting the sympathies of Pope Clement V., crossed over to Bougie in Africa, preached the gospel, and was imprisoned there for six months.

The Spaniards took Mers-el-Kebir (1505), Oran (1509), and Bougie and Tripoli (151o).