Sentence Examples with the word Bottomed

Small springs of fresh water are frequent and there are 'several shallow lakes or pans - flat bottomed depressions with no outlet.

Surrounding the green is a space called a ditch, which is nearly but not quite on a level with the green and slopes gently away from it, the side next the turf being lined with boarding, the ditch itself bottomed with wooden spars resting on the foundation.

He listened for the siren but heard only his Jeep, and twice, the scrapes of his underside as he bottomed out on protruding stone.

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The rails used are of flat bottomed or bridge section varying in weight from 15 to 25 lb to the yd.; they are laid upon cross sleepers in a temporary manner, so that they can be easily shifted along the working faces, but are carefully secured along main roads intended to carry traffic continuously for some time.