Sentence Examples with the word Boston

Her sister in Boston wasn't very talkative.

These railways provide outlets for through freight and passenger traffic southward to Boston and New York, and to the north to St Johns and Montreal.

Martha is a trauma nurse in a large Boston hospital.

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The second earliest dated letter expressed sorrow that the wedding could not take place in Boston and a gift was being shipped separately.

Rimmer); and a magnificent bronze bas-relief (1897) by Augustus St Gaudens commemorating the departure from Boston of Colonel Robert G.

The bridge of chief artistic merit is the Cambridge Bridge (1908), which replaced the old West Boston Bridge, and is one feature of improvements long projected for the beautifying of the Charles river basin.

Largely owing to activity in public works Boston has long been the most expensively governed of American cities.

This principle of construction has since been followed in the construction of the Boston subway, of the Chemin de Fer Metropolitain in Paris, and of the New York underground railway.

He was pastor of the Pine Street (Congregational) Church in Boston in 1842-1848, and in 1848-1879 was professor of sacred rhetoric and homiletics at Andover Theological Seminary, of which he was president from 1869 to 1879, when his failing health forced him to resign.

Stamford discontinued representation for some 150 years after the reign of Edward II.; Grantham was enfranchised in 1463 and Boston in 1552.