Sentence Examples with the word Bordelais

Ing region of the Bordelais and the Riviera.1 Lot-et-Ga In 1907 deaths were superior in number to births by Lozre nearly 20,000.

F with Though every town that they held was eager to revolt, and though they were hopelessly outnumbered in every quarter, they kept a tight grip on the greater part of Normandy, and on their old domain in the Bordelais and about Bayonne.

See Deydou, Un Poete bordelais (1868); Everat, De Ausonii Operibus (1885); Jullian, Ausone et Bordeaux (1893); C. Verrier and R.

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Six months experience of French rule, however, had revealed to the Bordelais how much they had lost when they surrendered.