Sentence Examples with the word Bora

The Bora wears the anga, otherwise he resembles the Meman.

It is called pachedi, potra or malaya by Meman, Bora and Khoja women.

The Marwaris hold practically all the trade of Central India, with the exception of the Bora class of Mahommedans.

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The Bora adopts one of four forms of pagri; the Ujjain, a small neatly bound one; the Ahmadabad, a loose high one; the Surat, fuller and higher than the Ujjain pattern (Plate I.

The mean depth of the sea is estimated at 133 fathoms. The bora (north-east wind), and the prevalence of sudden squalls from this quarter or the south-east, are dangers to navigation in winter.

The coasts are exposed to the prevailing winds, namely the Sirocco from the south-southeast, and the Bora from the north-east.