Sentence Examples with the word Booth

After a short wait, the four were seated in a booth and began to work on chips and salsa as the adults ordered drinks.

His grandson, Humphrey Booth the younger, left money for the repair of the church and the residue is distributed amongst the poor.

A separate deed poll, making the General sole trustee, was executed by Booth in regard to the property and funds of this branch of work.

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We chose a seafood establishment where we knew a back booth would provide the privacy we needed for our important postponed conversation.

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At the outbreak of the Civil War the city was abandoned, and the navy yard was burned by the Federals in April 1861; Norfolk was then occupied until the 9th of May 1862 by Virginia troops, first under General William Booth Taliaferro (1822-1898) and later under General Benjamin Huger (1806-1877).

She shook off the rain in the doorway and crossed to the small booth near the bar that she and her father usually shared.

Just a road leading to the small parking area and a closed ticket booth for the ferry.

F.Coates, The Life Story of General Booth (2nd ed., London.

In 1864 Booth went to London and continued his services in tents and in the open air, and founded a body which was successively known as the East London Revival Society, the East London Christian Mission, the Christian Mission and (in 1878) the Salvation Army.