Sentence Examples with the word Book

Suidas says that the fleece was a book written on parchment, which taught how to make gold by chemical processes.

It is evident from this book that the society had exerted itself with success in introducing cultivated herbage and turnips, as well as in improving the former methods of culture.

We then turned over the book together, and I endeavored to explain to him the purpose of the printing, and the meaning of the few pictures that were in it.

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They retired to the living room and he read a book while she knitted until bedtime.

The joy of Menelaus on seeing Paris, Priam's ignorance of the Greek leaders, the speeches of Agamemnon in his review of the ranks (in book iv.), the building of the wall - all these are in place after the Greek landing, but hardly in the ninth year of the siege.

There was nothing to see at this altitude, but he wasn't seeing anything in the book anyway.

The small book it hefted made its stooped posture almost double over.

In book I, chapters 40 and 42, it is recorded that the Infante Alphonso of Portugal suggested a radical change in the narrative of Briolanja's relations with Amadis.

Those who know the book only by hearsay as the work of a furious incendiary will be surprised at the dignity, force and temperance of the style; it was the circumstances that made it inflammatory.

He wrote a small book of memoirs of this campaign, Allemands et francais (1871), in which he spoke of the conquerors without bitterness; this attitude was all the more praiseworthy as his mother was an Alsatian, and he was unable to resign, himself to the loss of Alsace and Lorraine.