Sentence Examples with the word Boniface

Forced to recede from this position, Boniface canonized Louis IX.

With the support of Carloman and Pippin, who had just succeeded Charles Martel as mayors of the palace, Boniface set to work.

The hostilities were later renewed; in 1302 Boniface himself drafted and published the indubitably genuine bull Unam sanctam, one of the strongest official statements of the papal prerogative ever made.

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The bishopric of Passau was founded by St Boniface in 738.

On Christmas day 1201, Philip, Alexius and Boniface all met at Hagenau 1 and formulated (one may suppose) a plan for the diversion of the Crusade.

But the popes had made it their residence after the insults offered to Boniface VIII.

STEPHEN VI., pope from May 896 to July - August 897, succeeded Boniface VI., and was in turn followed by Romanus.

On the 22nd of February 1300 the bull of Boniface VIII., Antiquorum habet fidem, promised plenary indulgence to every Roman who should visit the churches of the apostles Peter and Paul on thirty days during the year, and to every foreigner who should perform the same act on fifteen days.

In 732 Boniface was created archbishop. In 738 for the third time he went to Rome.

A statement of Peter Langtoft that he was at the parliament of Lincoln in 1301, when the English barons repudiated the claim of Pope Boniface VIII.