Sentence Examples with the word Bombay

In recent years many have taken to the professions of law and medicine, and a Parsee barrister was appointed a judge of the High Court at Bombay in 1906.

The first collision with the English occurred in 1775, arising from a disputed succession to the peshwaship. The English government at Bombay supported one of the claimants, and the affair became critical for the English as well as for the Mahrattas.

Under his weak successor (Rolt, 1677-1682), the English waters, the value of which had now been proved, became the battle-ground between the rival navies, and for some years Bombay lay at the mercy of both.

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The more level parts of Bombay consist of five well-demarcated tracts - Sind, Gujarat, the Konkan, the Deccan, and the Carnatic. Sind, or the lower valley of the Indus, is very flat, with but scanty vegetation, and depending for productive ness entirely on irrigation.

By the Indian Councils Act 1861 the governor-general's council and also the councils at Madras and Bombay were augmented by the addition of non-official members, either natives or Europeans, for legislative purposes only; and by another act passed in the same year high courts of judicature were constituted out of the existing supreme courts and company's courts at the presidency towns.

North of Bombay - and buried them there Odoric tells that he disinterred these relics and carried them with him on his further travels.

In 1886 the duke went to India and commanded the Bombay army until 1890, when he returned home.

From Allahabad, Cawnpore and Agra trade finds an outlet to the sea at Bombay as well as at Calcutta.

From Poona, 207 from Bombay via Poona, and 270 from Hyderabad on the river Kaum.

The Indian Antiquary was started at Bombay in 1872 and still continues.