Sentence Examples with the word Bombarding

The foreign ministers then arranged a compromise between the contending parties, according to which President Peixoto was to place no artillery in the city, while Admiral Mello was to refrain from bombarding the town, which was thus saved from destruction.

They hadn't given him the opportunity to adjust to the idea before they were bombarding him with life altering decisions.

On the 27th of April with the assistance of three bombarding cruisers Eaton captured Derna - an exploit commemorated by Whittier's poem Derne.

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In 1688 it was besieged by the French under Marshal de Boufflers, but they only succeeded in bombarding the Altstadt into ruins, destroying among other buildings the old merchants' hall (Kaufhaus), which was restored in its present form in 1725.

While Francois, prince de Joinville, was bombarding Tangier and Mogador, Bugeaud gained the victory of the Isly (August 1844).

Count Stadion began it in Galicia, where, before bombarding insurgent Cracow into submission (April 26), he had won over the Ruthenian peasants by the abolition of feudal dues and by forwarding a petition to the emperor for the official recognition of their language alongside Polish.

A little later the Austrians had to retire in their turn, leaving a garrison in the fortress of Buda, and, while the Hungarians endeavoured to capture this position, General Hentzi retaliated by bombarding Pest, doing great damage to the town.

He focused straight ahead, painful memories bombarding him.

The gunboats made repeated reconnaissances up the river, bombarding Metemma with effect.