Sentence Examples with the word Bolted

It was a Nantucket ship, the Bachelor, which had just wedged in her last cask of oil, and bolted down her bursting hatches; and now, in glad holiday apparel, was joyously, though somewhat vain-gloriously, sailing round among the widely-separated ships on the ground, previous to pointing her prow for home.

There was no sign of mayhem in the vehicle although a restraint was bolted to the rear floor.

The declination axis is here represented by what are practically the trunnions or pivots of the tube, resting in bearings which are supported by the arms of a very massive cast-iron fork bolted to the upper end of the polar axis.

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She bolted to her car, far enough ahead of any of the men that they couldn't stop her.

These straps shall be made of wrought-iron or steel, and shall be riveted or bolted to the flanges or to the webs of the beams or girders.

To each cylinder a pair of similar nickel bands are led downwards from the top of a casting which is bolted to the frame.

On the fifth morning three others of the mutineers bolted up into the air from the desperate arms below that sought to restrain them.

The door to C was bolted with a new padlock.

In subsequent modifications the fishes were, as they continue to be, bolted to and through the rails, the sleepers being placed rather further apart and the joint being generally suspended between them.

The rabbit leaped into the air, and bolted across the field, his white tail visible above the tall grass with each bound.