Sentence Examples with the word Boise

It had been nearly a month of empty Thursday nights since his no-show session with Ethel Rosewater and the beautiful Betty from Boise was offering an effective way to make sure that embarrassment was a temporary happening.

Long, and the Boise dam (masonry), 33 ft.

The oldest settlement in the vicinity was made by the Hudson's Bay Fur Company on the west side of the Boise river, before 1860; the present city, chartered in 1864, dates from 1863.

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Side of the Boise river, in the S.W.

Fork of the Boise and the S.

The Constitutional Convention which met at Boise in July-August 1889 was strongly anti-Mormon, and the Constitution it framed was approved by a popular vote of 12,398 out of 14,184.

The Boise valley is an excellent country for raising apples, prunes and other fruits.

The news of the discovery of the Boise Basin spread far and wide, and Idaho City, Placerville, Buena Vista, Centreville and Pioneerville grew up. The territory now constituting Idaho was comprised in the Territory of Oregon from 1848 to 1853; from 18J3 to 1859 the southern portion of the present state was a part of Oregon, the northern a part of Washington Territory; from 1859 to 1863 the territory was within the bounds of Washington Territory.

There were thirtythree incorporated cities, towns and villages, but only five had a population exceeding 2000; these were Boise (5957), Pocatello (4046), Lewiston (2425), Moscow (2484) and Wallace (2265).

There are Catholic academies at Boise and Coeur d'Alene and a convent, Our Lady of Lourdes, at Wallace, Shoshone county, opened in 1905; Mormon schools at Paris (Bear Lake county), Preston (Oneida county), Rexburg (Fremont county), and Oakley (Cassia county); a Methodist Episcopal school (1906) at Weiser (Washington county); and a Protestant Episcopal school at Boise (1892).