Sentence Examples with the word Boetius

The book contains expressions such as daemones, angelica virtus, and purgatoria dementia, which have been thought to be derived from the Christian faith; but they are used in a heathen sense, and are explained sufficiently by the circumstance that Boetius was on intimate terms with Christians.

But Boetius denied the accusation in unequivocal terms. He did indeed wish the integrity of the senate.

The contemporaries of Boetius regarded him as a man of profound learning.

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Even Boetius (it may now be considered certain) was a catholic Christian, although his whole mode of thought was certainly Neoplatonic (see BoETrus).

Ordered the bones of Boetius to be taken out of the place in which they had lain hid, and to be placed in the church of S.

Alcuin (q.v.) does nothing more in his Dialectic than abridge Boetius and the other commentators.

The foreign monarch was astonished, and, at the request of Theodoric, Boetius had to prepare others of a similar nature, which were sent as presents to Gunibald.

At this time he began the publication, with critical apparatus, of Boetius (De Arithmetica), and Aristotle's Physics (1492), Ethics (1497), Metaphysics (150 I) and Politics (1506).

It will be seen from this statement that Peiper bases his conclusions on grounds far too narrow; and on the whole it is perhaps more probable that Boetius wrote none of the four Christian treatises, particularly as they are not ascribed to him by any of his contemporaries.

Against Boetius of Denmark and Siger of Brabant.