Sentence Examples with the word Bodin

JEAN BODIN (1530-1596), French political philosopher, was born at Angers in 1530.

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Baudrillart, Bodin et son temps (Paris, 1853); Ad.

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This tract, the Discours sur les causes de l'extreme cherte qui est aujourdhuy en France (1574), and the disquisition on public revenues in the sixth book of the Republique, entitle Bodin to a distinguished position among the earlier economists.

Planchenault, Etudes sur Jean Bodin (Angers, 1858); E.

His son Bodin continued the work of his father, and enlarged the first Serb kingdom by annexing territories which up to that time were under direct Greek rule.

Jean Bodin wrote the first treatise on scientific history (Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem, 1566), but he did not apply his own principles of criticism; and it was left for the Benedictine monks of the Congregation of St Maur to establish definitely the new science.

With all his breadth and liberality of mind Bodin was a credulous believer in witchcraft, the virtues of numbers and the power of the stars, and in 1580 he published the Demonomanie des sorciers, a work which shows that he was not exempt from the prejudices of the age.

In his book De la Republique Bodin treats of ceux qui soot en protection (1.