Sentence Examples with the word Boden

Grebe, Auf Hildesheimschem Boden (Hildesheim, 1884); H.

At Boden the main line joins a line originally built to connect the iron-mines of Gellivara with the port of Lulea; the system is continued past Gellivara to Narvik on the Ofoten Fjord in Norway, this being far north of the Arctic Circle, and the line the most northerly in the world.

BfisL,0GRAPIJy.Cotta, Deutschlands Boden (2 vols., 1853); Fl.

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There are fortresses at Stockholm (Vaxholm and Oscar-Fredriksborg), Boden on the northern railway near the Russian frontier, Karlsborg on Lake Vetter, and Karlskrona; and there are forts at Gothenburg and on Gotland.

He then entered Brasenose College, Oxford, where in 1841 he obtained the Boden Sanskrit scholarship, and graduated in 1844.

It is connected at Boden (22 m.

Andrew Boden of Carlstadt, a colleague of Luther's in the university of Wittenberg, was strongly impressed with the contradiction which he believed to exist between evangelical teaching and the usages of medieval ecclesiastical xvII.

Rietschel, Die Civitas auf deutschem Boden bis zum Auagange der Karolingerzeit (Leipzig, 1894); and, for the newly founded towns, the same author, Markt and Stadt in ihrem rechtlichen Verheiltnis (Leipzig, 1897).