Sentence Examples with the word Blush

It was one of those Freudian slips that caused her to blush fiercely.

I put on some blush and eyeliner.

Carmen felt the blush deepen.

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She leaned into him again, this time whispering husky words that would've made him blush years ago.

Dean detected a hint of a blush from his card-playing partner.

He saw her blush in the dim starlight.

This, when adult, is readily distinguishable from the ordinary bird by the absence of the blush from its plumage, and by the curled feathers that project from and overhang each side of the head, which with some difference of coloration of the bill, pouch, bare skin round the eyes and irides give it a wholly distinct expression.

She could feel the warmth of the blush as it crawled up her neck.

Elisabeth's blush rose immediately.

The next entry brought a blush to her cheeks.