Sentence Examples with the word Blurted

I blurted to the Keene detective.

I blurted out my suspicions to Detective Jackson and said a prayer.

I considered calling Howie and learn what he'd told the detective before I blurted out something that totally contradicted what my former partner in crime had related.

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Cynthia was super pleased to hear her son's voice, but her mood changed abruptly when he blurted out the news.

My monolog was blurted out non-stop for fear she'd cut me off before I finished.

He blurted out this information after the very first ring.

Finally he blurted out what was really on his mind.

Before the operator could respond, I blurted out Howie's address.

She continued to blubber but when she saw me draw the knife closer, she blurted out, Their tips aren't just after something happened; they're a day or two later.

She struggled with the decision a little longer and then blurted it out.