Sentence Examples with the word Bloomsbury

Reverberations of the gossip of St James's and Mayfair extended to Bloomsbury in those days.

When Sloane retired from active work in 1741 his library and cabinet of curiosities, which he took with him from Bloomsbury to his house in Chelsea, had grown to be of unique value.

The great building in Bloomsbury (1828-1852) with its massive Ionic portico, houses the collections of antiquities, coins, books, manuscripts and drawings, and contains the reading-rooms for the use of readers.

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He is commemorated by a bust and portrait in the rooms of the Swedenborgian Society in Bloomsbury Street, London.

Bedford House in Bloomsbury Square had its full view of Hampstead and Highgate from the back, and Queen's Square was built open to the north in order that the inhabitants might obtain the same prospect.

National Hospital for Paralysed and Epileptics; Bloomsbury (1859).

In Bloomsbury Square lived the Austens, and to their house, a great resort of similar persons, Mrs Austen cordially welcomed him.

Hospital for Sick Children; Bloomsbury (1852).

During the 18th century Bloomsbury was a fashionable and wealthy residential quarter.

Citizens went to Holborn and Bloomsbury for change of air, and houses were there prepared for the reception of children, invalids and convalescents.