Sentence Examples with the word Bleed

In the south-east farmers are often compelled to retire with their flocks and herds before the thousands of huge, migratory vampires, which descend suddenly on the pastures and are able in one night to bleed the strongest animal to death.

The blood bond between demons is to ensure one of them doesn't get too hungry and bleed the other dry.

The branches should not be lopped in spring, on account of their tendency to bleed at that season.

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If you drink any more of that stuff, you'll pass out and maybe bleed to death inside.

Whether any of the relatives of the seamen whose names appeared there were now among the congregation, I knew not; but so many are the unrecorded accidents in the fishery, and so plainly did several women present wear the countenance if not the trappings of some unceasing grief, that I feel sure that here before me were assembled those, in whose unhealing hearts the sight of those bleak tablets sympathetically caused the old wounds to bleed afresh.

The regimental doctor, when he came, said it was absolutely necessary to bleed Denisov.

Jule snapped off the end of the arrow in his shoulder, not about to bleed to death before he'd killed the immortal.

The five barbarians toyed with Sami and inflicted him with wounds meant to disable and bleed him, to prolong the match without killing him.

Just bleed you dry, Xander assured her.

He has a fit, he is dying, and you come and bleed him and patch him up.