Sentence Examples with the word Blazed

In 1752 the company had a pathway blazed between the small fortified posts at Will's Creek (Cumberland), Maryland, and at Redstone Creek (Brownsville), Pennsylvania, which it had established in 1750; but it was finally merged in the Walpole Company (an organization in which Benjamin Franklin was interested), which in 1772 had received from the British government a grant of a large tract lying along the southern bank of the Ohio as far west as the mouth of the Scioto river.

Immediately lightening blazed a trail through the dark sky.

It blazed before fading to a flicker.

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An explosion blazed in the distance.

The literary quarrel between him and Freeman excited general interest when it blazed out in a series of articles which Freeman wrote in the Contemporary Review (1878-1879) t ort Froude's Short Study of Thomas Becket.

His golden eyes blazed like two candles.

The clock blazed 3:30 in his otherwise dark condo.

Still others torched the wooden chairs until a fire blazed in the back of the hall.

It was almost dark when the Prussians approached the French position between Rezonville and the woods to the northward, and the troops soon lost direction in the smoke and became involved in the direst confusion; the firing again blazed out for a few moments, only to die away as utter exhaustion at length put an end to the Prussian advance.

Two sergeants major were sitting with them and their campfire blazed brighter than others.