Sentence Examples with the word Blank

He was met with a blank stare but kept going.

At the time the Pequod was making good speed through the water; but as the broad-winged windward stranger shot nigh to her, the boastful sails all fell together as blank bladders that are burst, and all life fled from the smitten hull.

These men were specially Service trained at Dehra Dun in the work of surveying, and entered Tibet with a strong wooden box with a specially concealed secret drawer for holding observing instruments, .a prayer wheel with rolls of blank paper instead of prayers in the barrel on which observations might be noted, and lamaic rosaries by the beads of which each hundred paces might be counted.

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One blow was usually insufficient, and the method was similar to that still used in striking medals in high relief, except that the blank is now allowed to cool before being struck.

Jackson's face went blank for a second, then he jumped back and frantically wiped his lip.

She flooded the studio with light, then pulled another blank canvas from the closet and perched it on her easel.

Howie doesn't remember any details of his prior life; family; studying for the priest hood, college... a blank slate and he can't find the chalk.

The Rashtrakuta or Ratta clan are supposed to have held power during the historical blank before the 6th century; but they came to the front in A.D.

Three walls were covered with digital maps, the fourth with a blank projection screen.

Days on which he had not shot anything at the hunt were blank days for him.