Sentence Examples with the word Bland

Betsy and Martha, often confidants, admitted to one another that they'd both researched Julie with similar bland results.

Leaning back in the chair and lacing fingers behind his neck, that bland gaze roved over her face again.

His attention never wavered and Carmen kept her expression bland as she slapped the potatoes on her plate and then returned the spoon to the bowl.

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The two travelers killed the time picking over a bland lunch and alternating long walks with longer periods of sitting on hard seats, re-reading a discarded newspaper.

The milk of the cow, which may be taken as typical of all others, and is indeed by far the most important and valuable of all (see Dairy And Dairy Farming), is, when newly drawn, an opaque white fluid, with a yellowish tinge, soft, bland and sweetish to the taste, and possessed of a faintly animal odour.

There he sat, his very indifference speaking a nature in which there lurked no civilized hypocrisies and bland deceits.

After the bland meal was over and the tin foil discarded, Dean donned his coat and walked up town.

She'd meant to give him some sort of bland sympathy like people gave her kids.

Quicklime is also caustic, but magnesia is bland and unirritating.

The rice and beans were bland until mixed together.