Sentence Examples with the word Blaise

While still young, he, along with Blaise Pascal, made some discoveries in regard to the properties of numbers, on which he afterwards built his method of calculating probabilities.

Marshal Blaise de Monluc (d.

At Rouen they became acquainted with Corneille, and Blaise pursued his studies with such vehemence that he already showed signs of an injured constitution.

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Diophantine problems were revived by Gaspar Bachet, Pierre Fermat and Euler; the modern theory of numbers was founded by Fermat and developed by Euler, Lagrange and others; and the theory of probability was attacked by Blaise Pascal and Fermat, their work being subsequently expanded by James Bernoulli, Abraham de Moivre, Pierre Simon Laplace and others.

A glorious record of their sufferings is to be found in the Diary of Sozzini, the Sienese historian, and in the Commentaries of Blaise de Monluc, the French representative in Siena.

The Life of Apollonius was first published by Aldus (1502); a French translation by Blaise de Vigenere appeared in 1596; an English translation of the first two books was published in London (1680) by Charles Blount, with some notes by Lord Herbert of Cherbury (prohibited in England in 1693, it was reprinted on the Continent); a full translation appeared in 1903.

Many other mathematicians have written on the cycloid - Blaise Pascal, W.

Such examples are the seal matrix of the Benedictine priory of St Mary and St Blaise of Boxgrave in Sussex, of the 13th century, now in the British Museum (fig.

Among the old houses one, dating from the 16th century, was the birthplace of Blaise Pascal, whose statue stands in a neighbouring square.

Early in the modern period occurs the great name of Blaise Pascal (1623-1662).