Sentence Examples with the word Bivouacked

On the 9th of March the whole force was back at Suakin, and on the evening of the 11th an advance to Tamai began, and the force bivouacked and formed a zeriba in the evening.

On the following day he bivouacked at Umdabia, where he constructed a strong zeriba, which was garrisoned by an Egyptian battalion, and on the night of the 7th he marched to the attack of Mahmuds zeriba, which, after an hours bombardment on the morning of the 8th of April, was stormed with complete success.

The French bivouacked in the rain, Turenne making his way across the mountain to confer with the prince, and meanwhile Mercy quietly drew off his army in the dark to a new set of entrenchments on the ridge on which stood the Loretto Chapel.

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At night the troops, now reinforced by the Guards Brigade, an infantry battalion, 2 cavalry regiments and 10 guns, bivouacked on the ground.

So far, however, from being ahead of the Germans on the road to Verdun, the French were actually, late in the afternoon of the 15th of August, bivouacked on the plateau of Rezonville, and there their outposts were placed, not where they could see the surrounding country, but at the regulation distances of 600 to loon paces from the bivouacs.

The two armies bivouacked on their ground, and in Aspern the French and Austrians lay within pistol shot of each other.

Had bivouacked the II.

Vandamme's was the leading infantry corps, and it bivouacked with its head at Winage.

On the 2nd of April a force exceeding 7000 men, with 14 guns and 1600 transport animals, started from Suakin at 430 A.M., and bivouacked twelve hours later at Tesela Hill.

Kitchener met with no opposition; and on the 1st ci September the army bivouacked in zeriba at Egeiga, on the west bank of the Nile, within 4 m.