Sentence Examples with the word Biting

For insects provided with a biting mouth, which take nourishment from the whole leaf, shoot or fruit, the poisonous washes used are chiefly arsenical.

They go around biting people or something bizarre.

Jessi rubbed her cheeks, already stressed out and biting her tongue to keep from snapping at him.

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Finally, we have the family Rhinocerotidae, which includes the existing representatives of the group. In this family the dentition has undergone considerable reduction, and may be represented inclusive of all the variations, by the formula i a or a m a The first upper incisor, whenpresent, has an 430r2; PP antero-posteriorly elongated crown, but the second is small; when fully developed, the lower canine is a large forwardly directed tusk-like tooth with sharp cutting-edges, and biting against the first upper incisor.

My wife was biting her lip and tears began seeping down her cheeks.

Toothed so as to act as a biting jaw in the Hexapod Mantis, the Crustacean Squilla and others); with the last joint produced into a needle-like stabbing process in spiders.

If he thinks she has him trapped, he'll be a rat in a cheese house with a craw full of cheddar, snarling and biting to get out.

At all events, there she was, tearing and scratching and biting Viney like some wild thing.

It was imperative to maintain enough control to keep from hurting or biting her.

He was talking to Edith Shipton who was nodding and biting her fingernails, when she wasn't wringing her hands.