Sentence Examples with the word Bites

Amid jokes about his skill with a knife, they shared bites and endured more pictures.

Nicander of Colophon has also left us two epics, one on remedies for poisons, the other on the bites of venomous beasts.

Mosquitoes caught by the experimenters, and sent to London, produced malaria in persons who submitted themselves to the bites of these insects at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

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He ate several bites without responding.

A familiar headache started, and she stuffed the last few bites of food down her throat, feeling ill for a different reason.

In 1898 it was conclusively shown in Italy that if a mosquito E of the Anopheles variety bites a person suffering from malaria, and is kept long enough for the parasite to develop in the salivary gland, and is then allowed to bite a healthy person, the latter will in due time develop malaria.

Between bites he answered Fred's questions, filling in the details of the trip south.

She felt two tiny bites on her arm, and suddenly electricity flew through her.

The bites in her arm still hurt.

There are times it can come back and bites you on the butt.