Sentence Examples with the word Bit

What? said Anatole, fingering a button of his collar that had been wrenched loose with a bit of the cloth.

Her nails bit into her palms.

Their principal use is to give a sharp jar to the drill on the upstroke so that the bit is dislodged if it has become jammed in the rock.

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She murmured in her sleep when he bit her.

He remained every bit the noble Greek prince with his commanding blue gaze and chiseled features.

This style and the types of dagger, cauldron, bit and twolooped socketed axehead run right across from Hungary to the upper Yenisei, where a special Bronze Age culture seems to have developed them.

My guess is someone did a bit of planning for Jerome Shipton's big fall, and Edith hasn't demonstrated any real talent for long-range thinking.

I'm a bit fuzzy on some of the details but I'm sure Jeffrey Byrne is dead and you played his part so well, even Jonathan Winston never considered he was chasing someone else.

He wasn't one bit concerned that she had caught him.

While Cynthia was writing down the dates, Jennifer bit her tongue and looked at Dean.