Sentence Examples with the word Biographies

Of subsequent biographies the best is probably Burke A.

See also the special bibliographies appended to the biographies of the Danish kings and statesmen.

In 1847 he wrote his biographies of Simon, Lord Lovat, and of Duncan Forbes, and in 1849 prepared for Chambers's Series manuals of political and social economy and of emigration.

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Snorri is the author of the great prose Edda (see Edda), and of the Heimskringla or Sagas of the Norwegian Kings, a connected series of biographies of the kings of Norway down to Sverri in 1177.

Notwithstanding this domestic felicity, an impression is left on the reader of Corneille's biographies that he was by no means a happy man.

The lives, which (with few exceptions) are arranged in chronological order, are distributed as follows: - To Spartianus: the biographies of Hadrian, Aelius Verus, Didius Julianus, Septimius Severus, Pescennius Niger, Caracallus, Geta (?); to Vulcacius Gallicanus: Avidius Cassius; to Capitolinus: Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Verus, Pertinax, Clodius Albinus, the two Maximins, the three Gordians, Maximus and Balbinus, Opilius Macrinus (?); to Lampridius: Commodus, Diadumenus, Elagabalus, Alexander Severus; to Pollio: the two Valerians, the Gallieni, the so-called Thirty Tyrants or Usurpers, Claudius (his lives of Philip, Decius, and Gallus being lost); to Vopiscus: Aurelian, Tacitus, Florian, Probus, the four tyrants (Firmus, Saturninus, Proculus, Bonosus), Carus, Numerian, Carinus.

Altertums (1886), and biographies of Thomas Bradwardine (1862) and Robert Grosseteste (1867).

There are several biographies of him, the first of which dates back to the 9th century (Bibliotheca hagiographica latina, Nos.

The Life of Hippocrates (in Ideler) probably formed one of the collection of medical biographies by Soranus referred to by Suidas, and is valuable as the only authority for the life of the great physician, with the exception of articles in SuIdas and Stephanus of Byzantium (s.v.

The dates (1762-1794) given in so many biographies of Desmoulins are certainly inaccurate.