Sentence Examples with the word Binocular

Regnault, a paper on binocular vision.

In light there are a series of papers on the eye, on the physiology of vision, on binocular vision, including the invention of one of the popular scientific instruments, the stereoscope, and on colour.

The re-invention of the Dutch binocular telescope apparently dates from 1823, and is to be assigned to the Viennese optician, Johann Friedrich Voigtlander (1779-1859); but the credit of having placed these instruments on the market probably belongs to J.

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The newest form of the binocular microscope is very similar to the oldest form in which two completely separated be made of A.

The erection of inverted images by prisms, which was applied to the simple telescope by Porro, and to the binocular i (q.v.) by A.

The construction of binocular instruments dates back over several centuries, and has now been brought to great perfection.

Distant that the two perspectives formed by the naked eye are no more distinguished from each other, recourse may be had to binocular telescopes and range-finders; and if the objects be so small that, in order to observe details on them, we must bring our eyes so close to the objects that they cannot accommodate the images, recourse may be had to binocular microscopes and magnifying glasses.

The first binocular magnifying glass or simple microscope (German, Lupe) was devised by J.

Boulanger succeeded in producing a binocular of an entirely new type in 1859 (fig.

It is supposed that the latter serves monocular, the other the binocular vision, most birds being able to converge their eyes upon one spot.