Sentence Examples with the word Bingen

Unfortunately this crude solution of the problem proved too much; for conditions were no worse immediately before the revolt than they had been for centuries, and German complaints of papal tyranny go back to Hildegard of Bingen and Walther von der Vogeiweide, who antedated Luther by more than three centuries.

The voyage from Bingen to Dort takes from one to six weeks, and the huge unwieldy structures require to be navigated with great care.

Even before this we hear of the prophetic visions of Hildegard of Bingen (a contemporary of St Bernard) and Elizabeth of SchOnau.

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The difficulty of ascending the rapids near Bingen is usually surmounted by the help of steam hauling machinery placed on the bank, though powerful tugs have also come into use for this purpose.

All the strata intersected by the Rhine between Bingen and Bonn contain fossils of the same classes.

Between Bingen and Bonn the Rhine forces its way through a hilly and rocky district belonging to the Devonian formation.

Among these the Rhine valley from Bingen to Bonn, and that of the Mosel from Trier to Coblenz, are winding gorges excavated by the rivers.

Of the course of the Rhine, which forms the eastern frontier of the province from Bingen to Coblenz, and then flows through it in a northwesterly direction.

It follows the new direction for about 20 m., but at Bingen it again turns to the north and begins a completely new stage of its career, entering a narrow valley in which the enclosing rocky hills abut so closely on the river as often barely to leave room for the road and railway on either bank; during this portion of its course the speed of the current at a normal state of the water exceeds 6 m.

The legend of the Mouse Tower at Bingen is connected with Hatto II., who was archbishop of Mainz from 968 to 970.