Sentence Examples with the word Bin

N, N, N, Ladles carrying the molten C, Receiving bin for winter stock pile.

About 40 years later, Sultan bin Ahmad, the ruler of Muscat, having been appealed to for aid by the Arab inhabitants of the place against Persian misrule, occupied the town, and obtained a firman from the Persian government confirming him in his possession on the condition of his paying a yearly rent of a few thousand tomans.

This mullah, Mahommed bin Abdullah by name, had made several pilgrimages to Mecca, where he had attached himself to a sect which enjoined strict observance of the tenets of Islam and placed an interdiction on the use of the leaves of the kat plant - much sought after by the coast Arabs and Somali for their stimulating and intoxicating properties.

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But, just as Saddam has remained elusive, so have Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Umar.

The city was founded in 1062 by Yusef bin Tashfin.

The earliest of those of the new form gives his name Mahmud bin Sabuktagin.

The cistern of Bin Bir Derek (cistern of Illus) with its 22 4 columns, each built up with three shafts, and the cistern Yeri Batan Serai (Cisterna Basilica) with its 420 columns show what covered cisterns were, on a grand scale.

Four lines, the first, second and fourth of which have the same rhyme, while the third usually (but not always) remains rhymelesswas first successfully introduced into Persian literature as the exclusive vehicle for subtle thoughts on the various topics of Sufic mysticism by the sheikh Ab Said bin Abulkhair,1 but Omar differs in its treatment considerably from Ab Said.

By the wise action of Si Ahmad bin Musa, the chamberlain of El Hasan, Abd-elAziz's accession to the sultanate was ensured with but little fighting.

Two tumuli were dug in the necropolis of Bin Tepe without result.