Sentence Examples with the word Billie

But for the past six weeks or so, neither Billie nor Willie could be found anywhere.

I saw your buddy Billie Wassermann Friday night, Dean said.

Dean knew immediately because he was staring at the bloated face of Billie or Willie Wassermann.

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He's either Billie or Willie Wassermann.

The word spread on the street that the family was hot after Billie and Willie Wassermann.

When the world wasn't expressing sympathy for the old man, they were looking for details on Billie Wassermann, his butt-brand, and all the gory details of the fat twin's execution.

A family out fishing had the catch of the day, in the same general area where Billie had bobbed to light.

Just tell her the Parkside Betterment Society voted for Billie and Willie to improve the city by getting lost.

Dean wanted to explain it was far more of a shock seeing a bloated Billie or Willie Wassermann with a head looking like a bleached basketball, but simply nodded instead.

No one expressed any sympathy for Billie and Willie, not even Baratto.