Sentence Examples with the word Bill of Rights

At the conclusion of the debate the convention by a vote of 184 to 84 declared itself unwilling to ratify the constitution until a bill of rights had been added and it had been amended in several other particulars so as to guarantee certain powers to the states.

On the 24th of July 1689, however, the birth of a son, William, created duke of Gloucester, who survived his infancy, gave hopes that heirs to the throne under the Bill of Rights might be forthcoming.

But, since by the Bill of Rights no dispensation by non obstante is allowed, general words contrary to the statute of Richard II.

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The individualistic was the strongest element of opposition; the necessity, or at least the desirability, of a bill of rights was almost universally felt.

One important variation, however, was a clause in the bill of rights providing for the abolition of slavery, Vermont being the first state in America to take such action.

In this discussion, which was continued for nine days, the document was most strongly opposed because it contained no bill of rights and on the ground that it would provide for such a strong central government that the state governments would ultimately be sacrificed.