Sentence Examples with the word Bifurcation

These curious appendages (Aphlebiae), at first regarded as parasitic growths, have been compared with the feathery outgrowths which occur on the rachis in the Cyatheaceous genus Hemitelia, and with the 'anomalous pinnules found in certain species of Gleichenia, at the points of bifurcation of the frond.

It is also described as a bifurcation of two twigs, mental and bodily creation out of a common root.

The curriculum is classical and philological, but in the two upper classes there is a bifurcation in favour of scientific subjects for those who wish.

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Just below Mussaib there has been for all ages a great bifurcation of the river.

It stands on an island of the same name, formed by the bifurcation of the river Cauvery and by the channel of the Coleroon.

Mamillaris) there is evidence that they were of the Sigillariopsis type, the leaf being traversed by two parallel vascular strands, derived from the bifurcation of the leaf-trace.

At the present time the preservation of the embankments about the point of bifurcation demands the constant care of the Bagdad government.

Between Bunthaus and Ortkathen, just above the bifurcation of the Norder Elbe and the Slider Elbe.

Below the bifurcation the river of Babylon was again divided into several streams, and indeed the most famous of all the ancient canals was the Arakhat (Archous of the Greeks and Serrat and Nil of the Arabs), which left that river just above Babylon and ran due east to the Tigris, irrigating all the central part of the Jezireh, and sending down a branch through Nippur and Erech to rejoin the Euphrates a little above the modern Nasrieh.

After this there is a bifurcation of the hinder branch, thus producing three tines.