Sentence Examples with the word Biel

Bloesch, Geschichte der Stadt Biel (to 18 54), (3 vols., Biel, 1855-1856).

Plitt, Gabriel Biel als Prediger (Erlangen, 1879); art.

GABRIEL BIEL (c. scholastic philosopher, was born at Spires (Speier).

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Its theology was, of course, scholastic, but of what was then called the modern type, the Scotist; its philosophy was the nominalist system of William of Occam, whose great disciple, Gabriel Biel (d.

The empirical individualism of the work, tending necessarily to limit the province of reason and extend that of faith, together with scattered utterances on special points, which gained for Biel the title of Papista Antipapista, had considerable influence in giving form to the doctrines of Luther and Melanchthon.