Sentence Examples with the word Biceps

His shirt stretched tightly over his shoulders and across his back while his biceps flexed and the roped muscles of his forearms rippled with his tinkering.

Her eyes went to his long fingers and roped forearms then upward to the thick biceps and wide shoulders.

The tank top displayed his thick biceps and shapely shoulders.

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He was muscular and tall, clothed in dark jeans, a snug grey T-shirt that hugged his biceps and stretched across his chest and back and then sagged at his slender torso and hips, and a round black medallion that fell from his T-shirt as he leaned over her.

Through his shirt sleeves she could feel the swell of his biceps and her heart jumped into high gear.

The propatagialis longus muscle is composed of slips from the deltoid, pectoral, biceps and cucullaris muscles.

His muscles were still bulging from exertion of his visit to the gym, and her gaze stayed on his biceps as he pulled on his boots.

She marveled at his muscular body and the perfectly sculptured chest, shoulders, ridged abdomen, and biceps too large to wrap her hands around.

The t-shirt he wore was tight around large biceps and snug across his muscular shoulders and thick chest.