Sentence Examples with the word Bibliography

A historical bibliography of these curves is given in Brocard, Notes de bibliographie des courbes geometriques (1897).

A bibliography of such references would be in effect a bibliography of metaphysics, or rather of epistemology.

For a complete bibliography of his works, see Lehmann, Hugonis Grotii manes vindicate (Delft, 1727), which also contains a full biography.

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For full bibliography (to 1904) see Ulysse Chevalier, Repertoire des sources hist.

See Unpublished Documents on the History of the Seychelles Islands Anterior to 18zo, with a cartography and a bibliography compiled by A.

C. Haddon, Fetichism and Magic, containing a good bibliography (London, 1906).

In the bibliography at the close of this article (referred to by leaded arabic numerals in brackets throughout these pages), the titles of works are given which contain detailed information as to the genera and species of each order or sub-order, their geographical distribution and their habits and economy so far as they have been ascertained.

C. Branner, A Bibliography of the Geology, Mineralogy and Paleontology of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, 1903); J.

Adolfo Bonilla y San Martin's Luis Vives y la filosofia del renacimiento (Madrid, 1903) is a valuable and interesting study which includes an exhaustive bibliography of Vives's writings and a critical estimate of previous monographs.

Information respecting certain periods is given incidentally in the works of von Hammer and d'Ohsson (see bibliography to TURKEY :: History), and in Stanley Lane Poole's Mahommedan Dynasties (1894).