Sentence Examples with the word Bibliographie

Kroeger (Guide to Reference Books, 1908) and Stein (Manuel de bibliographie generale, 1897).

Monod, Bibliographie de la France, and the bibliography in the Histoire generale of Lavisse and Rambaud, vol.

New ed., 1878, 1892, 1880, 1882) and the supplementary Bibliographie des chansons de geste (1897).

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The Bibliographie generale de l'Agenais, by the same author (1886-1891, 3 vols.), may be found useful.

He produced many valuable official reports and catalogues and a great number of memoirs and monographs on points connected with palaeography and the study of history and archaeology (see his Melanges de paleographie et de bibliographie (1880) with atlas; and his articles in the Album paleographique (1887).

For the Mazarinades or squibs written against him in Paris during the Fronde, see C. Moreau's Bibliographie des mazarinades (1850), containing an account of 4082 Mazarinades.

A historical bibliography of these curves is given in Brocard, Notes de bibliographie des courbes geometriques (1897).

Wolf, Geschichte der Astronomic, passim; Houzeau, Bibliographie astronomique (ii.

See also the Bibliographie de Paris avant 1789, by the Abbe Valentin Dufour (1882).

For lists of general indexes consult Stein, Manuel de bibliographie generale (1897), pp. 637-710.