Sentence Examples with the word Bibel

Gezelius, bishop of Abo, obtained an order from the Swedish government for the appropriation of certain corn-tithes, still known as Bibel Tryck-Tunnan.

It must suffice, therefore, to deal rather broadly with the subject, and to refer for fuller details to the special encyclopaedias, viz.: Hamburger's RealEncyc. fiir Bibel and Talmud, and the very elaborate articles in the Jewish Encyclopedia.

From 1838 to 1863 he lived in Breslau, where he organized the reform movement in Judaism and wrote some of his most important works, including Lehrand Lesebuch zur Sprache der Mischna (1845), Studien from Maimonides (1850), translation into German of the poems of Juda ha-Levi (1851), and Urschrift and Obersetzungen der Bibel in ihrer Abhangigkeit von der innern Entwickelung des Judentums (1857).

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Jakobos' Rundschreiben (1870); Die Lehre der Bibel von Gott, oder Theologie des alien u.

Nestle, Urtext and Ubersetzungen der Bibel (Leipzig, 1897); Ed.

Bernhardt, Vulfila oder die gotische Bibel (Halle, 1875).