Sentence Examples with the word Bewildering

It is bewildering to see how much of a technical advance the second game is.

I object only to the interminable comments and bewildering criticisms that teach but one thing: there are as many opinions as there are men.

The streets of the town are narrow and vaulted and have been likened to the bewildering galleries of a coalpit.

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The southern, or Malwa, portion is made up of detached or semi-detached districts, between which are interposed parts of other states, which again are mixed up with each other in bewildering intricacy.

Most of his reforms have since been intelligently carried out as normal principles in more arts than one; but, shocking as the statement may seem to loth-century orthodoxy, Wagnerian harmony is a universe as yet unexplored, except by the few composers who are so independent of its bewildering effect on the generation that grew up with it, that they can use Wagner's resources as discreetly as he used them himself.

He repeated the words with bewildering rapidity.

Dues of various kinds were gradually added to the land revenue, until, as in the later Egyptian monarchy, the forms of revenue reached a bewildering complexity.

The process of division and subdivision which steadily went on broke up Germany into a bewildering multitude of principalities; but as a rule the members of each princely house held together against common enemies, and ultimately they learned to arrange by private treaties that no territory should pass from the family while a single representative survived.

It was a bewildering and fascinating place.

There was a bewildering maze of funds equally matched by complex application procedures.