Sentence Examples with the word Beverly

The first cotton mill had been established in Beverly in 1788, and the first real woollen factory at Byfield in 1794.

One day we visited their beautiful home at Beverly Farms.

Bob made paint, Beverly made nails.

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In Beverly Hills, your poor neighbor might be one who had to buy the 14K-gold back scratcher instead of the diamond-encrusted platinum one everyone else is buying.

She took the paper and saw the Beverly Hills address.

In the city are a public library, the Beverly hospital, the New England industrial school for deaf mutes (organized, 1876; incorporated, 1879), and the Beverly historical society (1891), which owns a large colonial house, in which there is a valuable historical collection.

The first settlement within the limits of Beverly was made by Roger Conant in 1626.

Only a handful of people in the club were above college-aged, and it was in the wrong side of town for the trust-fund kids from Beverly Hills to stop in.

Marblehead was separated from Salem township in 1649; Beverly in 1668, a part of Middleton in j1728, and the district of Danvers in 1752.

The Horace Mann school in Boston, a public day school for the deaf, the New England industrial school for deaf mutes at Beverly and the Clarke school for the deaf at Northampton are maintained in part by the state.