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We May Perhaps Except The Able Though Thoroughly Partisan Writings Of Sir John Beverley Robinson And Bishop Strachan On The One Side, And Robert Fleming Gourlay And William Lyon Mackenzie On The Other.

ALREDUS, ALURED or ALUREDUS, OF BEVERLEY, was sacristan of the church of Beverley in the first half of the 12th century.

A monastery was founded here by John of Beverley (c. 640-721), a native of the East Riding, who was bishop successively of Hexham and of York, and was canonized in 1037.

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There is more than one meaning of John Beverley discussed in the 1911 Encyclopedia.

In the devastation of the north of England which followed the Conquest, Beverley is said to have escaped by a miracle attributed to St John; the Norman leader, while about to enter and pillage the church, fell from his horse dead, and the king, thinking this a sign that the town was under the protection of heaven, exempted it from pillage.

From the time of St John of Beverley until the dissolution of the monasteries, the manor and town of Beverley belonged to the archbishopric of York, and is said to have been held under a charter of liberties supposed to have been granted by King lEthelstan in 925.

Most of the changes which he advocated were wise and have since been adopted; but the violence of Mackenzie's attacks roused great anger among the social and political set at York (Toronto), which was headed by John Beverley Robinson.

He was educated at Cambridge and afterwards entered politics, becoming private secretary to the Prime Minister, Lord Derby, from 1852 to 1855, and sitting as member for Beverley from 1854 to 1857.

The church of St John the Evangelist, commonly called Beverley Minster, is a magnificent building, exceeding in size and splendour some of the English cathedrals.

On the 24th of September 1361 the king gave Wykeham a prebend in Beverley Minster, on the 1st of October the prebend of Oxgate in St Paul's (which he exchanged for Tattenhall on the 10th of December), on the 22nd of November a prebend in St David's cathedral, on the 10th of December a prebend in Wherwell Abbey, Hants.