Sentence Examples with the word Bevelled

In certain species of mylodon the front pair of teeth in each jaw is placed some distance in front of the rest and has the crown surface obliquely bevelled by From Owen.

The rooms are covered by acutely pointed vaults, the stones forming the sides of the vault being bevelled to the angle, and the apex being covered by capstones covering spaces of one to two feet.

These screws are turned from the eye-end by bevelled wheels and pinions, the latter connected with the handles a', b'.

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In the theodolite the edge of the plate rr is bevelled and divided into 360 or 400 degrees, and to half degrees, or to 20 minutes or 10 minutes, according to the size of the instrument.

The lower incisors are partially inclined forwards, compressed and tapering, bevelled at the ends.

When the outer face of the stone band is left rough so that it forms what is known as rusticated masonry, the description would be bevelled and rusticated.

After the folding the whole region was worn down nearly to sea-level, forming a low plain which bevelled across the geological structure of the entire state, including the Piedmont area to the south-east and the plateau area to the north-west.

Coarse grain) should be rejected for good work, as also should those with waney or naturally bevelled edges.

Upper incisors crowded together, cylindroidal, the first much larger than the others, with a bevelled cutting edge (fig.