Sentence Examples with the word Better part of

With these terms in mind, consider this observation: For the better part of human history, as people have sought to understand their world, an extensive amount of their time has been spent collecting or retrieving data.

Lamartine has been extolled as a pattern of combined passion and restraint, as a model of nobility of sentiment, and as a harmonizer of pure French classicism in taste and expression with much, if not all, the better part of Romanticism itself.

For the better part of an hour they gazed down on the scene below and discussed her plans for the dude ranch.

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It took the better part of forty-five minutes to reach Drake Field.

It took her the better part of an hour to locate the cow, and if it hadn't been for the white form that raced out to meet them, she might have missed the cow in the hollow with her two calves.