Sentence Examples with the word Betsy

Within an hour Betsy had assembled a full biography.

If Howie was successful and a tip was in order, Martha would call me and after Betsy would find the most appropriate authority to call, I'd convey the tip.

I missed Betsy desperately and the idea of a couple of unexpected days with her was inviting, regardless of the reason.

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I stayed downstairs for another hour until Betsy came looking for me.

It wasn't that late when Betsy arrived there and found the note.

I tried calling Betsy but her cell went to message.

If he bails out maybe Betsy will lend me you for a fill-in.

If Betsy and I were forced to share it, we wouldn't get much sleep.

We'll let Martha and Betsy alone to get acquainted.

Martha and Betsy chatted constantly over decorating ideas and their new hobby, scouring the area for antiques.