Sentence Examples with the word Bethel

It is the seat of Bethel Female College (Baptist, founded 1854), of South Kentucky College (Christian; co-educational; chartered 1849) and of the Western Kentucky Asylum for the Insane.

Newton is the centre of the settlements of the German-Russian Mennonites, a thrifty people, who immigrated in 1873 and subsequently; Bethel College (opened 1893) is a Mennonite secondary school, and there is a Mennonite hospital.

Kennett has argued in favour of the view that he was the founder of the cult at Bethel (Journ.

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The Benjamite Bethel was especially famous in Israelite religious history.

The sacred pillar erected by Jacob at Bethel was solemnly anointed with oil, and it (and not the place) was regarded as the abode of the Deity (xxviii.

His approaching end seems to have been known to the guilds at Bethel and Jericho, both of which they visited in their last journey.

Having built an altar to commemorate the theophany, he removed to a spot between Bethel and Ai, where he built another altar and called upon (i.e.

The one distinct exception to the general beneficence of Elisha's activity - the destruction of the forty-two children who mocked him as he was going up to Bethel (2 Kings ii.

Of the quartz-monzonite type are the whitish granites of Bethel and Rochester (Windsor county) and Randolph (Orange county), the light grey of Dummerston (Windham county), and the darker greys of Cabot (Washington county), Derby (Orleans county), Hardwick and Groton (Caledonia county) and Topsham (Orange county).

On his way to Haran he stops at Bethel (formerly Luz, according to Judg.