Sentence Examples with the word Beta

Among his writings are: Railroads, Their Origin and Problems (1878); Three Episodes of Massachusetts History (1892); a biography of his father, Charles Francis Adams (1900); Lee at Appomattox and Other Papers (1902); Theodore Lyman and Robert Charles Winthrop, Jr., Two Memoirs (1906); and Three Phi Beta Kappa Addresses (1907).

By the word alphabet, derived from the Greek names for the first two letters - alpha and beta - of the Greek alphabet, is meant a series of conventional symbols each indicating a single sound or combination of sounds.

His best known productions are Adams and Liberty, a once popular song written in 1798, The Invention of Letters (1795), and The Ruling Passion, the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa poem of 1797.

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According to our present theory, it is chiefly to beta iron, preserved in one of these ways, that all of our tool steel proper, i.e.

The sugar beet is a cultivated variety of Beta maritima (nat.

He was also called Beta as being second in all branches of learning, though not actually first in any.