Sentence Examples with the word Bertha

Me and Bertha here might be too old to drive all the way from Kansas, but we're still at home on these Jeep roads.

Desiderius, whose daughter Bertha or Desiderata Charles, despite the pope, had married at the instance of his mother Bertrade, supported the rights of Carlomans sons, and threatened Pope Adrian in Rome itself after he had despoiled him of Pippins territorial gift.

The place of his birth is unknown and its date uncertain, although some authorities give it as the 2nd of April 742; doubts have been cast upon his legitimacy, and it is just possible that the marriage of Pippin and Bertha took place subsequent to the birth of their elder son.

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The bride was the Christian Theodelinda, and she became to the Langobards what Bertha was to the Anglo-Saxons and Clotilda to the Franks.

He married in 1840 Bertha Humblot, of a French Huguenot family settled in Berlin, by whom he left a son and two daughters.

For five years the king braved all anathemas, but about 1002 he gave up Bertha and married Constance, daughter of a certain Count William, an intriguing and ambitious woman, who made life miserable for her husband, while the court was disturbed by quarrels between the partisans of the two queens.

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The transition to the latinized form Bertha and later to Perth (the Gaelic name being Pearl) appears obvious.

Bumpin' Bertha here doesn't make very good time but she's been getting the job done for a lot of years.

In 783 the king, having lost his wife Hildegarde, married Fastrada, the daughter of a Frankish count named Radolf; and in the same year his mother Bertha died.