Sentence Examples with the word Bern

As a soldier Bern was remarkable for his excellent handling of artillery and the rapidity of his marches.

In 1526 he was at the abortive conference of Baden, and in January 1528 drafted and defended the ten theses for the conference of Bern which established the new religion in that city.

But although Bern supported the Reform, Fribourg did not, and in 1534 withdrew from its alliance with Geneva, while directly afterwards the duke of Savoy made a fresh attempt to seize the city.

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This armed intervention compelled the duke to sign the treaty of St Julien (19th October) by which he engaged not to trouble the Genevese any more, agreeing that if he did so the two towns of Fribourg and Bern should have the right to occupy his barony of Vaud.

Of Bern are, after the Vatican glossary of Ansileubus, the oldest of which we know; there are others in several libraries, and printed editions by Mai, Heider and Cahier.

The broad-gauge railways in the canton have a length of 184 m., and include bits of the main lines towards Paris and Lausanne (for Bern or the Simplon), while there are also 724 m.

The emperor Constantine, while advancing towards Rome from Gaul, besieged and took Verona (312); it was here, too, that Odoacer was defeated (499) by Theodoric the Goth, Dietrich von Bern - i.e.

It extends right across Switzerland from beyond the Jura to the snow-clad ranges that separate Bern from the Valais.

Zschokke, Reise auf die Eisgebirge des Kantons Bern and Ersteigung ihrer hochsten Gipfel im Sommer von 1812 (1813); E.

In the MS. of the chronicle of Diebold Schilling of Bern (c. 1480) there is in the picture of the battle of Sempach a warrior pierced with spears falling to the ground, which may possibly be meant for Winkelried; while in that of Diebold Schilling of Lucerne (1511), though in the text no allusion is made to any such incident, there is a similar picture of a man who has accomplished Winkelried's feat, but he is dressed in the colours of Lucerne.