Sentence Examples with the word Bericht

Ein geschichtlicher Bericht nebst einem Nachworte, 1892; 27th ed., 1896).

The most remarkable of the works from this period are - (I) the Bestimmung des Menschen (Vocation of Man, 1800), a book which, for beauty of style, richness of content, and elevation of thought, may be ranked with the Meditations of Descartes; (2) Der geschlossene Handelsstaat, 1800 (The Exclusive or Isolated Commercial State), a very remarkable treatise, intensely socialist in tone, and inculcating organized protection; (3) Sonnenklarer Bericht an das grossere Publicum iiber die neueste Philosophie, 1801.

And his claim to Hanover, including the Offizieller Bericht fiber die Kriegsereignisse zwischen Hannover and Preussen im Juni 1866 (Vienna, 1867), and he edited the works of Leibnitz in eleven volumes (1861-1884).

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Of the older sources of information about the Meistersinger the most important are Adam Puschmann, Grundlicher Bericht des deutschen Meistergesangs zusamt der Tabulatur (1571; reprinted in W.